Persatuan Kaunseling Malaysia (Perkama) akan mengadakan Seminar Internasional di Bandung, terbuka untuk umum bagi yang ingin mengikuti dengan tema,

7-9 DECEMBER 2011


Cover issues, strategies, and application of Psychology and Counselling approaches related to mental health activities in the following areas: The committee of the International Counselling Conference 2011 is inviting prospective delegates to submit Papers within the following sub-themes:
Counselling Professionalism
Counselling for Community
Counselling for Educational Settings
Counselling for Peace and Human Rights
Supervision in Counselling
Counselling Education
Counselling Advocacy
Family Counselling
Multicultural Counselling
Counselling and information technology
Ethical and Legal Issues In Counselling
Creative Therapy in Counselling
Paper presentations may be in English or Malay. Authors who wished to submit the manuscripts of articles in Malay MUST provide Malay and English abstracts. Abstracts of articles should be within 200 words only. Please include author’s names and 5 keywords.
ð PERKAMA Members MYR 900 per participant
ð Non-PERKAMA Members (Early Bird Special) MYR 1000 per participant (Payment before 30 September 2011)
ð Non-PERKAMA Members MYR 1200 per participant (Payment on / after 30 September 2011)
ð Non Malaysian USD $400 per participant
Registration and Abstract Submission Deadline : 30 October 2011
Full Paper Work Submission Deadline : 15 November 2011
Submit your abstract and full paper work to
Register at our website

Participants are also invited to exhibit their innovations at this convention.
Innovations include; Publications including books or modules, Instruments, models, psychological games and prototypes, Creative expressions to promote counseling such as poems, songs, pictures, drawing, Counseling management system such as software, filing system, settings, etc.
ð MYR 150 per Innovation (If you are the presenter) or,
ð MYR 1050 per Innovation (If you are not presenter)
Guidelines for Presenters
Poster boards mounted on stands will be provided by PERKAMA International and placed in rows in the designated meeting room. Your place among the poster boards will be indicated by the number listed next to your paper in the Convention Program, e.g., A-1, A-2, etc. Participants should plan to place their materials on the poster board during the ten minutes immediately preceding
the hour when the poster session is scheduled.
Poster boards provided for divisional poster sessions are covered by fabric on which a Velcro "hook" can be used. You may wish to use Velcro backings (use "hook" side) in order to attach your materials to these poster boards. (Note: Velcro backings will not be provided at the convention. Thumbtacks will be available in the room.)

Materials must be removed from the poster board at the end of each poster session. Poster sessions must end PROMPTLY at 50 minutes after the hour in order to provide time for individuals in the next poster session to set up their posters.

At least 50 copies of your complete paper should be available for distribution to interested persons. Copies of your paper and all illustrative materials must be prepared BEFORE the convention. PERKAMA International does not have reproductive or graphic facilities at the meeting. Electrical outlets, projection equipment, and tape recorders will not be provided in the poster session room. All graphics are to be displayed on the poster board. You may find it useful to have on hand a tablet of sketch paper and suitable drawing materials to assist you in explanations to observers. Please note that it is NOT possible to write or paint on the poster boards.
Requirements for Making Posters

The poster board surface area is 4 feet high and 6 feet wide and is blue. Prepare a label indicating (a) the title of your paper and (b) the author(s) for the top of your poster space. The lettering for this section should not be less than 1 inch high. A copy of your abstract (300 words or less), in large typescript, should be posted in the upper left-hand corner of the poster board. Do not mount illustrations on heavy board because these may be difficult to keep in position on the poster board.

Bear in mind that your illustrations will be viewed from distances of 3 feet or more. All lettering should be at least 3/8 inches high, preferably in a bold font, or if hand-lettered, written with a regular felt-tip pen (not fine-point). Be sure to provide clear labels for each section of your presentation.

1) Set up poster 10 minutes before session begins.
2) Prepare title/author label with lettering at least 1 inch high for the top of your poster space.
3) Prepare an abstract (300 words or less) with lettering at least 3/8 inches high for the upper left hand corner of your space.
4) Indicate clearly the sections and sequence of your materials. Keep it simple.
5) Bring at least 50 copies of your paper with you for distribution. On-site reproduction will NOT be available.
6) Remove poster 10 minutes before the hour in which the next session is scheduled to begin.
ð PERKAMA Members MYR 900 per participant
ð Non-PERKAMA Members (Early Bird Special) MYR 1000 per participant (Payment before 30 September 2011)
ð Non-PERKAMA Members MYR 1200 per participant (Payment on / after 30 September 2011)
ð Non Malaysian USD $400 per participant
MR. SAFFUAN ABDULLAH : +6 014-3382689 +6 014-3382689 / +6 017-2806803

PERKAMA OFFICE : +6 03 87340731